GM Finally Takes Action: Recall For Faulty Ignition Switch

A recall has now been set in order for General Motor vehicles that used a seriously flawed ignition switch. Although the issue was brought up in 2005, the company stalled almost 10 years before finally agreeing to a recall. According to an uncovered memo, the original decision was due to a concern over how much […]

Alabama Student is Killed by Trolley

Your Alabama personal injury lawyer, Alexander Shunnarah, is here for you after being injured in a serious accident. Here’s a bit of recent accident news for you to be aware of. A 25-year-old female student was struck and killed by a street trolley in the Five Points South area on February 20, 2014. The young […]

Freezing Temperatures Ice Roads

Your Alabama personal injury lawyer, Alexander Shunnarah, is here to help if you are ever injured in an automobile accident. Morning commuters saw some icy patches during their drive in Birmingham on February 27, 2014. The ice was caused after the temperatures across Central Alabama dropped below freezing overnight. The below freezing temperatures remained throughout […]

Woman Gets Two Years’ Probation After Fatal Accident

Have you been hurt in an accident? Your Alabama personal injury attorney, Alexander Shunnarah, is here to fight for your rights! According to police, a woman from Mobile, Alabama has been sentenced to two years of probation after being convicted in the death of her infant son. The woman was charged of the death of […]

Heart Attack, Stroke Increased by Testosterone

A recent study published on January 29, 2014 has found that testosterone therapies may have risen the risk of heart attack in men.  The study, published in the Public Library of Science Journal, PLoS One, and funded by the Intramural Research Program of the National Cancer Institute, found that men over 65 and under 65 […]

98 Year Old Man Dies After Wreck with Police

An accident involving an officer has caused the unexpected death of a 98 year old man from Birmingham, Alabama. Shortly after 11 a.m. last Sunday morning, a Birmingham police vehicle was stopped on 65 North with their lights on.  They were temporarily perched in the center lane of the highway in order to remove a […]

Explosion in Foley

An explosion occurred at the Vulcan Inc. aluminum plant in Foley, Alabama last Friday, leaving two employees significantly burned. The explosion was reported this morning, and was quickly suppressed thanks to help from Foley firefighters, along with those from Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. Fire Chief Joey Darby states, “The explosion occurred around a piece […]

Recall on Range Rover and General Motor

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, recalls have recently been put out for two more vehicles, one from General Motors and the other being from Jaguar Land Rover.  Both of the recalls are due to some safety issues that the vehicles have. Over 9,700 vehciles have been included in the recall, comprised of […]

Accident Vocabulary Words

Sometimes an accident happens so fast, you’re left startled and at loss for words.  When explaining your accident to authorities, lawyers, and insurance companies, you’ll want to know the right words to use.  Vehicle accidents are commonly described by where on the car you were hit.  You may have heard these words before, but maybe […]

Intoxication is Down, but not Gone

Intoxication is still being found as the cause of many accidents.  In fact, over 10,000 deaths are still being caused by an accident involving alcohol, and almost 20% of wrecks are still involving other narcotics.  However, as intoxication continues to be a problem on the road, the number of related fatalities has dropped significantly throughout […]